About us

What: 3Fox International specialises in strategic marketing to attract more interest and investment to regeneration programmes. We produce business-to-business magazines, websites, e-newsletters, video, networking events and conferences, and carry out research and consultancy projects.

Why: if local authorities and their partners don't shout about their work, a lot of it goes unnoticed. So our job is to promote big development schemes, to raise the profile of the places in which they're happening, to demonstrate the delivery of jobs and homes by the planning authority and to showcase the expertise and effectiveness of the development partners involved.

How: we work closely with the planning authority to understand the key objectives and messages of a regeneration programme. We deliver that campaign by commissioning people who care greatly about their work and the quality of it, whether they are graphic designers, trade journalists, printers, film makers, event caterers or venue managers. And we fund the campaign by sharing the costs between the development partners, so that the council contributes five per cent or less of the total.

Who: 3Fox employs in-house five editorial and production staff, five fundraising staff, three events managers, a database manager, three management and administration staff. At any time we are working with up to six designers, 12 or more writers, a coder and a team of web developers, all of them freelance. We welcome at least five students for work experience each summer.

Where: we are located in Croydon, south London, but our clients are based throughout the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

When: 3Fox has been in business since 2004 when we started working with London Borough of Southwark, who remain a client to this day. The company has since worked with over 100 councils on inward investment campaigns. During 2014 we have been engaged by 16 councils to produce campaign materials and we are working with 35 councils on the next Sitematch event.

Results: in an independent survey of the readers of one of our magazines, over 93 per cent of respondents said the magazine had positively influenced their opinion of the borough as a good place to invest. Almost 65 per cent of the readers were developers or investors, 78 per cent of them senior management. At our Sitematch event, 100 per cent of delegates said that they would like to attend another Sitematch event.