Sitematch London

Sitematch London is "speed dating for developers and public sector landowners". A website details a database of development sites across London, either publicly-owned or privately-held but prioritised for development by a local authority. The website is used by developers to browse for development opportunities and background information, and book meetings with the appropriate local authority and/or public sector landowner.

The 15-minute meetings take place at special Sitematch London events held each year. The first event in March 2012 brokered 486 meetings between 166 developers and advisors and 590 officers and members from 28 London councils. The second event on 6 November added the GLA and a number of NHS Trusts to the mix and brokered another 399 meetings. Successful London events took place in March 2013, June 2014 and in February 2015 and '16. The event expanded to include over 50 public sector landowners by 2016, including a dozen from the greater London economic area, representing places such as Windsor and Maidenhead, Slough, Reading, Brighton & Hove, Medway, Maidstone and Essex.

Spin-off events include Sitematch Scotland, at which Scottish cities hosted "speed dating" style meetings in London, and Sitematch UK which hosted government departments offering surplus land for development.

As well as offering developers an opportunity to research possible areas of investment, and providing councils with an opportunity to promote their offer, Sitematch has made introductions that have eventually led to deals, and hosted meetings that have directly led to deals.