Interview: Michael Mulhern from OPDC

Tue 13 November 2018, 2:45 pm

An interview with interim CEO of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, Michael Mulhern.

Can you say something about your role and responsibilities at the OPDC?

I’m the interim CEO at Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC), London’s second Mayoral Development Corporation, established in 2015.

OPDC is responsible for planning Old Oak and Park Royal, one of London’s largest regeneration projects. I manage the dynamic and experienced team responsible for leading this transformational change and development. Having a single organisation to oversee and drive planning, development and regeneration gives the area greater certainty over decision-making, infrastructure, development and investment. Our aim is to ensure the benefits to Old Oak and Park Royal are harnessed and that the development for the area is strategic and robust.

What will the impact of the Old Oak and Park Royal regeneration project be on the wider West London area?

Old Oak Common is where London welcomes High Speed 2 (HS2), and, the only place where HS2 meets the Elizabeth line. The connectivity provided by these two nationally significant transport projects represents an exceptional opportunity.

The Old Oak and Park Royal Opportunity Area is one of the largest in the London Plan, with the potential to deliver 25,500 homes and 65,000 jobs for London. As well as £26 billion gross development value and £7.6 billion in additional gross value added per annum to the UK economy. This 30+ year project will create a better connected west London with new homes and jobs and create benefits for Londoners through access to new spaces. As part of the regeneration, west London will benefit from a new vibrant town centre that will create business and job opportunities and attract more people to the area.

What are some of the unique obstacles that need to be overcome for a regeneration project the size of Old Oak and Park Royal, that may not come up for smaller projects?

The first phase of development will see the creation of a thriving new community with nearly 10,000 new homes and over 5,000 jobs, delivered over the next 15 years. However, the scale of infrastructure needed for this is significant. This first phase alone will cost approximately £1 billion to deliver. Finding ways to coordinate and fund this is a real challenge, but one that we are making real progress on. We have recently submitted a bid to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government for £250 million of Housing Infrastructure Funding. This will enable the delivery of a new road connecting Scrubs Lane to Old Oak Common Lane and a new utility network. It also will support delivery of the first new homes in Old Oak North.

Why are you speaking at the conference?

I am looking forward to speaking at the WOW conference, so I can tell more people the story of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation – why we are here, what we aim to do and how we’re coordinating this activity by working with key stakeholders. I’d also like to share how the infrastructure and development we are promoting could further help drive growth west of the capital.


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