WOW NEWS: Wilbraham: "Expansion is key for Heathrow's future"

Thu 22 November 2018, 1:46 pm

Heathrow's expansion is key to it remaining the UK's main transport hub, while creating thousands of new jobs in and around the airport, according to Phil Wilbraham, expansion programme director for Heathrow.

Speaking at the first WOW conference today (22 November), focusing on west and "west of west" London and the Thames Valley, Wilbraham said a third runway would "unlock more air traffic movement, letting the airport add up to 40 more long haul destinations". "And that is where the trading will come from," he added.

Wilbraham told the 200 conference delegates at Future Works, Slough, that it was crucial Heathrow remained a key European and international hub after Brexit, believing a huge number of jobs will be created by building a third runway.

Building Olympic-style accommodation to house the thousands set to be employed on the runway construction project was not ruled out. Wilbraham said: "There is scope to do something like that."

In a poll conducted for the conference: 77% of delegates said the third runway would have a positive impact on business.

Meanwhile, the importance of the Elizabeth line, opening next year, was also highlighted. Over 90% said this would be positive for business, with 100% believing its impact on the region would be positive.


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