Care leavers given chance for Heathrow employment

Fri 8 November 2019, 1:17 pm

A new route for care leavers has been created for young people trying to enter into employment at Heathrow Airport, which has been highlighted for National Care Leavers' Week 2019.

Heathrow Employment and Skills Academy was created in 2004 and supports people to get into work in and around the airport. The academy since it began has supported more than 5800 people into employment.

In 2017 Lord David Blunkett advised Heathrow on its education, employment and skills agenda through an independent Skills Taskforce. One of the commitments through this was to widen the Academy community programme to support care leavers into employment and apprenticeships to reduce youth unemployment.

The Academy announced the new route for care leavers last week (October 25) and will work to find the right people to help after they leave the care system to live independently.

There is a dedicated community team that will steer young people towards a career providing them with the chance of opportunities with Heathrow.

Through the government scheme to support people leaving care, Heathrow signed up to the Care Leaver Covenant earlier this year.

This includes a commitment that organisations will create a tailored package of training and guidance to prepare a care leaver for work including a mentor.

They can also take part in the Pre-Employment Training (PET) programme and the accredited WorkSkills Level 1 Employability Skills training course that is available.

Through the scheme the Academy has so far supported 15 care leavers through its programmes, from which seven have gained employment.

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