Looking East

Between 2006 and 2008, Looking East magazine detailed the development programme led by New East Manchester Urban Regeneration Company. It examined the effects of parks on local economies, how local enterprise can by stimulated, regenerating historic buildings, how sporting facilities can catalyse regeneration and the views of long-standing local figures. Looking East magazine portrayed a series of regeneration projects and their contribution to the city of Manchester.

The Magazine

Issue 2, 2008

March 2008


Issue 1, 2006

December 2006


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"I am certainly impressed with the quality of the first publication for New East Manchester, both in terms of content and presentation. We have a number at our marketing suite at Islington Wharf and they do assist the sales staff in describing what is happening in the area in terms of regeneration."

Katie Sully
Development Manager
ISIS Waterside Regeneration

"Looking East looks and reads well. Nice to see material that isn't just blowing the public sector horn - represents true partnership thinking. Well done."

Barry Holmes
Regional urban regeneration director
Countryside Properties PLC

"The overall impression is first class and a credit to New East Manchester."

Alec Dodgeon

"Looking East was a very impressive publication. It gave a real insight into the range of exciting developments that are underway in East Manchester and it was very well received by the directors of One Central Park and others to whom we have circulated copies."

Prof. Robin P M Proctor

One Central Park

"I think it is a very professional and classy looking publication. informative, inclusive and indicative of what NEM is already achieving and continues to aim for."

Jan Hilton
Business development manager
Manchester Science Park

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